Chapters Canada: Free Holiday Gift Wrapping on $59+

This deal totally rocks. When you purchase $59 or more at Chapters Canada, you will get FREE GIFT WRAPPING! Uh huh. No more cutting jagged wrapping paper, taping your hair to the package, and fighting with ribbons or bows.

If you want to go monetary value, this wrapping deal is worth $3.95 per item. If you get 10 items, all 10 get free wrapping... and that would be $39.50 worth! It is also worth a whole lot more because it saves you time and energy.

Did I ever mention that I royally suck at wrapping? My father, now there was a gifted wrapper. His packages always came out looking like the most beautiful things on earth. Mine? They look like a 4 year old got into the presents.

You can choose from the indigo gift wrap, or the holiday kids wrap... I think both are pictured above. Be sure to select 'look at our gift wrapping' option when you checkout.

What would I like to see wrapped up with my name on it under a tree? This gorgeous Huge Bashful Honey Bear for $41.95, already 30% off!

Remember to use the Chapters promo code NOV2012 to save an additional $5 on orders $30 or more until the end of the month.  Chapters offers free shipping on all orders over $25.

Expiry: Unknown

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