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Mitch Albom is an influential writer, and both the books 'For One More Day' and "The Five People You Meet in Heaven: A Novel' are well loved. Chapters has each book on sale for only $6.99 (or $6.64 with your plum card). These are both hardcover books, originally priced at $29.95 a piece!

For One More Day has a 4/5 rating with 350 votes! The Five People You Meet in Heaven: A Novel is ranked 5/5 with 131 ratings. Here are a couple reviews:

Simply put, this book is magnificent. Like many others probably did, I picked this book up and read it straight through. It once again caught my eye the other day and it was purchased for yet another to experience the splendor and fantastic story telling. I applaud Mitch Albom for taking such an amazing idea and making it extraordinary.


Mitch has written another master peace with this book. This book touch home with me on a few points. The first has to do with the death of my father 12 years ago, and about the questions that I would ask him. The second point has to do with is what I would do after the questions has been answered. I found this book to be a very intriguing read and I recommend it to anyone.

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