Chapters Canada: 50% Off Pet Accessories

Get 50% off pet accessories such as coats, leashes, bowls and toys at Chapters.

If you love your pet, you are going to buy them stuff. It is just human nature. I have kids, but I still love to buy my dog little presents. She deserves it. I don't go as far as putting pink highlights and bows into her hair, but if you do, I applaud your loyalty to your furry friend.

I love the look of this porcelain dog bowl, which is clearly marked dog, just in case that sneaky cat gets confused. Was $22.50, now $11.25.

This red gingham leash is the perfect match to your fall outfit because Rover or Rex needs to look snazzy too. Was $39.50, now $19.75.

If your furry friend really isn't all that furry and gets the shivers in our cold Canadian climate, check out this cozy caribou grey hoodie. I wish I had a hoodie this cozy looking with a Sherpa lining. Was $39.50, now $19.75.

Shipping is free when you spend over $25, so get yourself something too. Your pet will approve. (Photo credit: Madly In Love With Life)

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