Chapters Canada: 40% off The Walking Dead: Season 1 on DVD or Blu-Ray

Get 40% off The Walking Dead: Season 1 on DVD or Blu-Ray. On DVD you will pay $23.99 (originally $39.98) and on Blu Ray it costs $29.99 (originally $49.99)

I have never seen this show but the customers on Chapters seem to have seen it, and love it:

Anyone that loves zombie movies will really enjoy this show. I cannot wait for Season 2 to start.


I would recommend this series to anyone, even if you're not into zombies! It's such a well done and filmed series that anyone who likes film will enjoy it!

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  • Anna
    LOVED season one!
  • Amitabh
    how is season available when it hasnt even been aired as yet (only 2 episodes thus far)
    • Anna
      This was aired last year Amitabh :) Thanks @ Kim!!
  • Kim
    The Walking Dead is a great show, love it! But the real reason I'm leaving a comment is to say... love the pumpkin theme background.. very cute!!!
  • Michele
    I love this show, but just some FYI's if you are going to buy it. Be warned that it is extremely graphic. The only way to kill the 'walkers' is to do damage to their heads (via arrows, bullets, shovels, knives) and they do all of it! The look of the walkers is not the bad part, it's how they are put down! The season is also shorter than most so there are only six episodes.
  • Marissa
    Great show; Season 1 is also available on Netflix for any subscribers!

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