Chapters Canada 39% Off + $5 Off Game of Thrones The Complete First Season - Now $40.99

The complete first season of Game of Thrones is out on DVD at Chapters Canada, and on sale for $45.99, which is 39% off the regular price of $74.98. Plus, take an extra $5 off with coupon code MARCH032012 and suddenly this is the best price in town for only $40.99.

I price compared with Amazon Canada where it is priced at $44.99. You are saving an additional $4, which is equivalent to 10% the sale price.

This series is well loved so far, with great ratings like this one from Amazon:

I will freely admit to not being a fan of many HBO shows. I loved Entourage, but that was it for my HBO fandom. Then along comes Game of Thrones. As an avid sci-fi and fantasy fan, I was a little skeptical...but I have to admit that this show was brilliant from top to bottom. The sets, the storyline...the acting. All top notch!

I have never seen the show, have you?

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  • Anna
    I've watched half of the first season and really enjoyed it. I have all the books, and started reading them about 3 years ago... so I was an early-adopter. :D But guess what - my sister is an extra in the second season of the show - it's going to be amazing seeing her in the background! She's in some close-up scenes with Cersei in King's Landing too - pretty exciting (you'll know if you've seen it) :)
  • Christina
    I will anticipate this when I am done the books - :) how does it compare?
    • Anna
      Quite a different experience. There is soooo much in the books, it just cannot all be shown on the TV experience. But it's a pretty good show!
      • Christina
        Usually how it is! But I still look forward to it - recognize some of the actors too which will make it all the better! :) ty!

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