Chapters Canada: 100 Facts Kid's Books 3 For $10

Get three "100 Facts" books for only $10 now at Chapters Canada.

Regularly $3.99 each, save $2 on three of these hardcover factual and entertaining books. Choose from 12 titles and learn everything you ever wanted to know with facts, quizzes, cartoons, photos:

and much more!

My kids are fact hounds (much like their trivia-loving mother) so these books are an awesome way to promote reading that isn't just stories. Each night my kids and I read a story and then we read a page of out of a fact book similar to this one. Just this morning my oldest son said to me "Remember when we learned that astronauts eat peanut butter but not bread in space, because bread is too crumbly?". I totally did not remember, but was excited that he had retained that from something we read a month ago.

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