Canadian Cartel: Member Prices On 1 to 2 Year Subscriptions For 5 Canadian Publications

Canadian Cartel has a great deal on subscriptions to your favorite Canadian magazines for $10 per subscription at 1 to 2 years, depending on publication chosen. The shipping charge of $10.95 will be manually removed and does not apply. This offer expires in 6 days.

Publications available are as follows:

I personally don't have much understanding of any of the magazine topics, but I have sons that are very into sports. They would love these magazines and at this price, I can almost get 3 subscriptions for the price of one, (regular prices range from $27.95 to $29.95). Awesome dude!

I do know that skateboarding has become very big, as I watch the kids and young adults at our local skateboard park, continuously abusing their bodies. I don't understand the concept, but it seems to be quite a rush for them.

What can I say, I'm a mom and anything dangerous is definitely not what I recommend, but we have to stand back, let them grow and experience things and provide as much support as we can even if it means some injuries along the way.

At least there are learning tools, such as these magazines to provide them with the best knowledge possible about each sport.

Shipping: Delivery is estimated between August 2nd and 5th.

(Expires 24th July 2012)

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