Shock-tober! Week 3: 40+ Werewolf Audiobooks for $6.95 each!

Shock-tober Week 2 saw the full moon and turned into week 3! This week Shock-tober comes with a muzzle full of werewolf books!

You need to get an Audible account to get the sale prices, but luckily for you we have the hookups here at Bargainmoose. You can get a free credit from Audible (a few books are two credits, most are one) and most importantly, you get to take part in this great sale! Don’t worry about being locked in or anything, you can cancel at anytime or get a $10/year Audible Light account so you can get in on all the sales they have throughout the year!

This sale has been bringing some really, really good deals throughout its run. Each book is $6.95 which means you'll save between $8 and $17. Now that you have a FREE audible trial, the books would have been discounted already but Shock-tober makes it better.

Last week was Zombies and the week before was Vampires. They are both very popular on their own but Werewolves, the subject of this week's books, have had some help getting where they are. Week one's subject, Vampires, got super popular because of Twilight, and Werewolves, because of their presence in the Twilight books, were brought along for the ride.

So if you're on team... team... I don't know the names... Team the guy who is a werewolf instead of a vampire in the Twilight books and movies... Anywho, if you're on that guy's team, pick up some great books and show your Werewolf-y solidarity. While you're there, check out week 2 and week 1 of the sale as well!

(Expires: 31 October 2012. 11:59PM ET)

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