Shock-tober! Week 1: Over 40 Vampire Audiobooks for $6.95 each!

Vampires have been super popular lately and a huge part of its recent popularity started with books, namely the Twilight series. But since that series ended and the movies were a hit, tons of other authors jumped on the vampire thing. Audible is bringing you their best vampire Audiobooks for only $7 each.

You need to get an Audible account to get the sale  prices but luckily for you were have the hookups here at Bargainmoose. You can get a free credit from Audible (a few books are two credits, most are one) and most importantly, you get to take part in this great sale! Don't worry about being locked in or anything, you can cancel at anytime or get a $10/year Audible Light account so you can get in on all the sales they have throughout the year!

The deal here is very good with the $6.95 price tag bringing savings of anywhere between $25 and $8 off the already discounted Audible members price.

I know there has to be a lot of vampire fans reading this just on the law of averages alone. Seems like everyone is into vampires in some form or another. Some people like vampires who sparkle, some like vampires who hunt other vampires and some want their vampires to have copious amounts of sex. Regardless of what you want your vampires to do, there is something here for you.

What? You hate vampires? Check Bargainmoose next week to find out what Audible is adding to these 46 books for Week 2 of Shock-tober!

(Expires: 31 October 2012. 11:59PM ET)

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