Pick One of Six Free Books

I know Valentine's Day is over but Audible still loves you! Pick one of six free audio books!

First things first, you need an Audible subscription. Lucky for you I have a way for you to get a free 30 day membership and a free book! Use the link above to get it. You'll need it to get your other free book, which I detail below!

There are six books available and all are of varying lengths and subject matter. They are as follows:

Make sure when you're making your selection you watch what you are getting. The last book in the list is actually a 3-minute long short story. Of the six books available, I'm really only interested in the dramatized reading of Romeo and Juliet so I'll likely get that one. Strictly speaking, though, if you want to get the most bang for your buck you should get the 11.5 hour Price and Prejudice or the 10 hour Love in the Afternoon. Anywho, don't get hung up on time. Just choose whatever you think you would dig and go for it.

(Expires: 21st February 2013)

Which book are you going to pick? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Tiggrr
    all the links just go to there main page where you can get a 3 month membership for $7.49. Is there a code to use or do you have a workable link for the free trial?
    • Shawn M.
      Hey Tiggrr Not sure what's up with the Audible links but here is a direct link to the free book offer. And the link to te Valentine's Deal. Enjoy Audible! =D

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