Amélie Tea For One: Half Price, $12.50 @ Chapters Indigo


I have been keeping an eye on the price of this Amélie Tea for One teapot on Chapters Indigo, as I've been thinking of getting one for a friend. It's regularly $24.99 but I just spotted that it is now half price, down to only $12.50!

In case you've never seen this kind of teapot before (I hadn't until fairly recently), it's pretty much a cup and a teapot all in one. The top half is the teapot, and the bottom is the cup and saucer.

You can buy it online if you wish, shipping would be extra, unless you top up your order with a few other items. Shipping would be free on a $25 spend - it would be easy to buy a few more things.


Brew a single serving of your favourite tea with this charming porcelain cup and pot combo. Covered in a pretty shade of powder blue with platinum accents, this sweet set makes a thoughtful gift for yourself or a tea-loving friend.

I've seen more and more nice items in the gift and paper section on Chapters Indigo. It's getting to be a handy resource if you're searching for a gift.

I hear Lady Gaga collects tea cups, I wonder would she like this one?

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