Adam Mansbach Books from $12.66 @ Chapters

Go the F*** to Sleep $12.66

Okay parents, if you haven't read these books yet, now's your chance! Chapters Indigo has Adam Mansbach's storybooks for grown-ups (including the world-famous Go the F*** to Sleep) on sale from $12.66!

Honestly, any of these would make great gifts for new parents, and these are must-reads for anyone taking care of young kids.

They're sometimes called "bedtime books for parents" and trust me, they're hilarious! A word of warning though, these are definitely NOT children's books.

If you're not a fan of profanity, you might want to steer clear. But if you wish you could swear up a storm when you're trying to get your toddler to bed, these are probably the books for you!

There are two "adult" books and a couple cleaner, child-friendly options:

For parents

For kids

Orders over $25 ship free, or you can ship your order to a Chapters store for free.


  • June W.

    great books also!!

  • Lisa G.


  • Wendy U.

    ?!! New books! :joy:

    • Janelle G.

      Haha we have the first one! It was a baby gift when I had Sadie! The eating one would be wonderful haha

  • Laurie H.


  • Hallie M.

    I need both of these

    • Janae M.

      Haha ugh yes go the fuck to sleep currently happening in my house

  • Robyn L.

    buy these! HAHA

    • Nicole H.

      That’s funny cause I actually have heard great things about this guy and his books lol

  • Sandra A.

    were we not talking about the second book tonight. Lol

    • Dawn A.

      Lol! That's funny:joy:

  • Julie D.


    • Josiane S.

      She's been good this week. I'm not complaining!

    • Julie D.

      That's fantastic!

  • Clara O.

    Yup I need those

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