Tax Time! Win 1 of 2 Copies of Online Turbotax Software in this 48 Hour Bargainmoose Contest!

15 April 2013

*** Contest now closed, winners were Danielle and Julie ***

If you've left it to the next few weeks to get your latest taxes done, we might be able to help you out - we've got 2 free copies of the online Turbotax software to give away to the Bargainmoosers. Each copy is worth up to $63, depending on what package you choose from the following:

  • Standard (worth $17.99)
  • Premier (worth $32.99)
  • Home and Business (worth $44.99)

Just note that you also get free tax advice with Premier and Home and Business this year - an added bonus. The winning software is even good for spousal returns (usually an extra $18) - provided you submit them at the same time.

How to enter the Turbotax contest:

Please choose your sentiment and leave your choice in the comments below:

I love doing taxes!


I hate doing taxes!

If you're not lucky enough to win a copy of the Turbotax software and need to pay for their services this month, don't forget to make use of our exclusive Bargainmoose Turbotax coupon code link which activates an extra 12% discount. That's a saving of a few dollars anyway.


  • Ends 16th April 2013, Canadian entrants only, 1 entry per household

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  • Julie
    I love doing taxes!
  • Ann
    I hate doing taxes!
  • Lindsay
    I hate doing taxes!
  • Jason
    I hate doing taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rustykitty
    I hate doing taxes but love using Turbotax!
  • Louise
    I hate doing taxes!
  • Danielle B.
    I hate doing taxes!
  • Mary
    I love doing taxes
  • Mike G.
    I hate doing taxes!
  • Rebecca
    I love doing taxes!!!
  • Paula
    I love doing taxes!
  • Chris
    I hate doing taxes!!
  • Rick
    I hate doing taxes!
  • Russell
    I love doing taxes!
    I hate paying taxes, but other wise not so bad!
  • Jane
    I hate doing taxes. TurboTax makes it so much easier however taxes are never fun
  • Lynne H.
    I hate doing taxes,..did I mention I hate doing taxes??!!
  • Scott
    I hate doing taxes!
  • AMac
    I love doing taxes!
  • Debbie M.
    I hate doing taxes.
  • Lindsay
    I love tax returns :)
  • Angela M.
    I hate doing taxes!
  • TCotter
    I hate doing taxes!
  • Linda
    I hate doing taxes!
  • UncleStuart
    I *hate* doing taxes.
  • Michael
    I owe I wonder " I hate doing taxes! "
  • Mei L.
    I hate doing taxes without TurboTax!
  • Ann
    I hate doing taxes !
  • florence
    I love doing taxes!* (*as much as everyone else loves it.)
  • Andre
    I hate doing taxes!
  • Tiggrr
    I love doing taxes!
  • julie
    I hate doing taxes
  • Lisa A.
    I Love doing taxes!
  • Fay. H.
    I hate doing taxes!
  • Leanne b.
    I hate doing taxes! But live the refund!
  • Jenn
    I love doing taxes.
  • Rose
    I hate doing taxes
  • Linda
    I hate doing taxes! It's a lot of work to do right!!!
  • Shannon
    I love doing taxes.

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