Tangerine Canada: Bonus $100 with 3 Referrals - Earn $250


Tangerine Canada has a most rewarding offer for referrals right now. When you successfully refer three people to Tangerine, you will earn a bonus $100. As you receive $50 for each referral right now, that means you will receive $250 total.

I am all for free money, so I love sharing promotions like these. Let us break this offer down shall we?

First, you need to invite a bunch of friends and convince them that Tangerine is the way to go. Each friend must open their first Tangerine Account with your Orange Key and deposit $100 or more into it by the end of May. For each friend who does this, you will earn $50 and they will earn $50 as well. When you successfully refer three friends, then you will receive a $100 bonus.

Tangerine Canada is actually giving out a fair bit of money with this promotion. Each of your friends will receive $50 when they use your OrangeKey to open an account. You will receive $50 per friend plus a $100 bonus. In total, $400 is being spent by Tangerine on you and your three friends.

If you have a Tangerine account, then you can just log in and your Orange Key will be on the left side of your screen. If you do not have an account with Tangerine, it is pretty simple to find someone with an account to give you there OrangeKey - that way you will earn $50 just for signing up and then you can refer others for additional bonuses. In fact, if you are a new sign-up, you have the potential of earning $300. First, you will receive the $50 as a bonus from someone else's OrangeKey when you register. Then, you can earn the $250 when you successfully refer three other friends.

I use Tangerine Canada as my primary (and only) bank. I have found it simple to do free e-transfers, save money on fees (no fees!), open multiple savings accounts, and receive interest on everything - including the money in my chequing account. While there are few physical branches, they do have agreements with other banks like Scotiabank for deposits and withdrawals. I recently saw an actual Tangerine branch in downtown Vancouver and boy was I surprised!

(Expiry: 31st May 2015)


  • Alexandra
    My code is [admin delete - no self promotion], if anyone needs one for the $50 bonus into a new account. If you have children, after you sign up for your own account you can use your own referral code to create accounts for your kids. $50 for you and $50 in their first bank account!
  • Sandy
    I've had a Tangerine account for a few years now. Its where I have my TFSA and our vacation account. I set up regular transfers to both and its great because its not part of my regular bank account, therefore I don't see the money growing and risk taking it out for something else. I have had one referral and its great, free money for both.

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