Tangerine.ca: $120 Payday Bonus w/ Chequing Account


Tangerine Canada has brought back their Chequing account deal where you can earn up to $120 for free when you sign up for a new Chequing Account and sign up for a payroll deposit directly into it.

Once you sign up for the chequing account and transfer over your pay, Tangerine will deposit $10 into your account for twelve consecutive Fridays. That brings your total free cash earned to $120: However, to qualify your must:

  • Complete the online enrolment form for a new chequing account between January 12 and March 31
  • Write your initial deposit cheque (payable to yourself)
  • Have your first payroll direct deposit received in your new account by March 31st
  • Continue to receive payroll direct deposits each calendar month for three consecutive months (minimum)

The fine print is not clear, but you might be eligible for this offer if you have opened a chequing account but have not transferred your payroll over to your Tangerine account yet. This piece of the fine print makes me think that it is possible:

Tangerine Clients must: open their first Tangerine Chequing Account between January 12, 2015 and March 31, 2015 (the “the Offer Period”) if they do not already have a Tangerine Chequing Account;

So if you already have one and yet have not set up your payroll direct deposit yet - try to do so and you might be able to earn $120 as well.

I am always a fan of free money. While this is not a get rich quick scheme, it uses the resources you already have and earns you extra money at the exact same time. While $10 per week does not seem like much, over 12 weeks it adds up to $120. Save the money, spend it on necessities, or buy something you have always wanted.

All Tangerine bank accounts operate on a no-fee basis. I also recently found out I could transfer money for free from my Tangerine Chequing account to family and friends. My Mom has to pay a $1.25 fee with her bank, but mine is free. The only catch is a little patience: the transfer can take up to one week. I do not mind, and find it much more convenient than using Paypal. I rarely hold a balance in my Paypal account but I do in my chequing account.

Do not forget: deposits to your Savings Account qualify for 2.5% interest through the end of March 2015 right now.

(Expiry: 31st March 2015)

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  • jack
    They are also doing the $50 new account until march 31st also. Cannot have had a previous account you will need an orange key. *** if you need one. * Mod edit, no referrals please *

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