ING Direct: Double Bonus for Referring a Friend

ING Direct has a great little bonus for referring a friend to ING. When a friend uses your Orange Key to open an account with $100 or more in it, instead of the usual $25 each, you’ll both get $50.

If you are already with ING Direct and are happy with them, you might want to think about inviting a friend. If you are someone looking for a new bank - ask your friends for an Orange Key and you can each earn $50.

The fine print:

Bonus deposits will be made into your Investment Savings Account, unless you have a THRiVE Chequing Account, then you’ll receive your bonus there. If you don't already have either Account, we'll open an Investment Savings Account for you to make the deposit automatically. $50 will be paid out to you and your friend provided that your friend is a new Client to ING DIRECT and has opened an Account with at least $100 or more by August 31, 2012.

I have never used ING Direct, but I have heard good things about them. Any of our Moosers currently use them? If so we would love to hear from you.

Expiry: 31st, August 2012


  • Braden
    ING is amazing! I've used them for years for savings accounts, RRSPs, and TFSAs because their accounts have no fees, are super easy to use online, and pay relatively high interest for small risk-free investments. Recently, I've switched all my banking over to them and am really happy (interest + no fees on my chequing account). Since I almost never need to go into a physical bank branch, I love that I'm not paying my bank to maintain costly physical branches across the country. If anyone wants to sign up, you can use my orange key referral code and get the $50: use key 32748765S1
  • Lance
    I'm really glad that I made ING Direct as my main chequing account. Having just graduated from college, I'm not eligible for free student banking anymore and had to start paying CIBC monthly fees. Those few dollars really add up and those would help pay for my student loan debt. I used ING Direct along with President's Choice (for emergencies). I used PC's free cheques to open and deposit the initial $100 to ING. It worked perfectly! Both accounts are now linked to each other. I now use ING for all of my debit transactions and online bill payments. Great website and customer service too! I'll really appreciate it if you use my key: *** Thanks! * Mod edit - no referrals please *
  • Danielle
    ING has saved me a lot of money over the years. They really do have no hidden fees, even email money transfers are free. Right now you can make 50 for referring someone and that person gets 50 dollars as well. Normally its 25.00 so now is a good time to join. Please use my orange Key number 38967899S1 to get yourself signed up. It would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • orgkey50
    Receive a $50 signup bonus with ING DIRECT when you use my orange key (valid until August 31, 2012). orange key: *** * Mod edit - no referrals on site please *

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