Get $50 Free For Opening A Children's Savings Account With Tangerine Bank

Get $50 Free For Opening A CSA

A few weeks ago, I began giving my oldest children an allowance of $5 per week. And although they blow most of their money on Shopkins, I needed a way for them to save the rest. A Children's Savings Account with Tangerine Bank is the perfect solution.

What better way is there to motivate your kids to save than by starting them off with free money? If you open a children's savings account with a minimum initial deposit of $100 by October 31st, Tangerine will deposit $25 into their account in 30 days. It's that easy!

To sweeten the pot, if you set up an automatic savings program and deposit a minimum of $50 monthly into your child's account for 6 months, Tangerine will reward your child's account with another $25 bonus.

That's $50 free!

You do need to be an existing client of Tangerine Bank to take advantage of this offer. But, if you aren't already a client, Tangerine will start you off with up to $50 in bonuses just for opening an account.

Happy saving!

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