ATB Finanncial: Open a New Chequing Account, Get $350 (AB)


Greetings dear Moosers who live in Alberta or very close to the border! ATB Financial is offering each and every single one of you $350 for opening a brand new chequing account by the end of May. If you already have an ATB chequing account, you can still earn $150 per referral when your friends sign up and complete the process! Does receiving free money interest you? If so, read on!

The details are simple. You need to open a new chequing account with ATB Financial by the 31st of May 2015. It can be almost any of their checking accounts including their free student account. Thus, this is an exciting promo for students as well! Click here to see all of your chequing account options. There is no minimum deposit required.

Next, you must add a (one) direct deposit (like your check from work) or two automatic pre-authorized payments to your account. The first one(s) must be processed through your account buy the end of July. That reoccurring direct deposit or the two automatic pre-authorized payments must go through your account for three consecutive months to qualify for the free $350.

Now, if you were to set up your new account as soon as possible and meet the full criteria by the end of May (as there are enough months between now and then for the three consecutive months clause), then you could get your money as early the middle of July according to their chart.

Now, everyone who already has an ATB account is probably pouting in their cheerios right about now. However, there is a little something for you as well! If you already have an ATB chequing account, refer your friends and receive $150 each time they follow the above steps. If you get three friends to fully sign up for a new ATB Financial chequing account and complete the full process, that means you would receive $450!

Now, this promotion does not specifically say it is restricted to residents of Alberta. However, ATB Financial banks are only in Alberta so I assume you would have to live in the province or fairly close to the border to take advantage of this deal. I hope some of our fantastic Alberta Moosers get to score this deal!

(Expiry: 31st May 2015)

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