Updated: Sep 21, 2016

Vistaprint Canada: Save 80% off Selected Items & Free T-shirt

Vistaprint Canada had some really good freebies earlier in the week and now they have even more deals to take advantage of.  Save up to 80% on selected items plus get a free t-shirt and free uploads.  These deals will be valid until 17th February 2012.

Here are the great deals to take advantage of:

You'll need to use the links above to activate the deals.

When I was trying this to get more than one of these items I had to keep going back through the links on this post to get all of the deals on the site.  Everything still got added to 1 order in my cart at the discounted prices so I would suggest you doing the same thing. Vistaprint now has a single rate shipping price starting at just $7.99.  I am from Calgary, Alberta and the shipping for everything was the $7.99 but it could vary by a few dollars depending on where you live.

(Expiry:17th February 2012)


  • Salima
    These prices no longer seem to be valid? Also, Canadian website has regular prices listed (as opposed to the links above which direct to American website)
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      Hi Salima, the link doesn't seem to activate those discounts any more, marking this as expired. Thanks!

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