RockPrettyKids Canada: MadPax Only $35

11 August 2014


And with yet another post to help you with your Back to School shopping, I found these uber-cool backpacks at Rock Pretty Kids called MaxPax. They are very unique and I know if I got them for my boys they would love them. They are regularly $50, but on special right now for $35 at Rock Pretty Kids.

So cool:

The bags that are $35 are the bubble packs, which mean they are covered in 3D bubbles, which give it texture and street cred and they are actually the half packs, which are meant for the little ones. It says 4 and younger, but I think any kindergarten age kid would fit this pack just fine. If you want the full size pack, those are on sale too for only $50, with a regular price of $65.

There are a variety of colours including commando, black, orange crush and slurple.

If you don't like the bubbles, the blox style is also available for $35 for the half pack, regularly $50. There are also really cool pencil cases available too, for $12 with a regular price of $15.

Price comparison:

I couldn't find these packs at too many places in Canada, although I did once see them for sale for an enormous fee at a specialty store attached to a farm in the Later Gator style, which is not on sale, but still cool enough I needed to mention. I didn't see the half size anywhere in Canada.

I did find the slurple full size bubble MadPax at Mastermind Toys for $64.95. ShopStyle also had them for $65 and up. If you wanted to venture your shopping to the U.S., it was even more expensive. Nordstrom also carries the full-size but for $73.52 (plus all potential duties and shipping fees).


You'll get free shipping on all orders over $75, so you might as well suit up all of your kids in MadPax.

(expiry: unknown)

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