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I rarely post about non-Canadian based stores, only a select few that I absolutely love and buy from. is one such store, and I have mentioned it a few times in the past. They are US based, and they mainly sell unique business cards, but they have recently expanded their range to other things like Christmas cards and postcards.

I've managed to grab us an EXCLUSIVE Moo promo code for a 10% discount site-wide. This Moo promo code is unique to Bargainmoose, so remember where you saw it first!

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  • Promo Code: MOOSE
  • Discount: 10%
  • Expires: 15th December 2009

I plan on using this Moo promo code quite soon, as I have some ideas for excellent Christmas presents for my family. They've just announced that they will be selling "Mosaic Frames."

These cool frames are used in conjunction with their mini-cards, which come in packs of 100 each. So my plan is to order 100 mini cards, with loads of family pictures on them, probably a different picture on each card (you can do this with's image software). I will buy a few mosaic frames, and fill it up with cool collages of pics, and give them out as unique pressies. As each mosaic frame holds 20 of the mini cards, I could make quite a few from the one batch of minicards.

The mosaic frames aren't for sale yet, so I am holding out until they are in stock before I make my order. Actually - I have just spotted a video on youtube, check it out:

Don't forget, if you would like to see what Moo business cards are like, you can order 10 totally FREE samples here (no shipping fees either).


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