Make the Kiddies' Lunches Fun with Cute Animal Friends Sandwich Cutters & Stamps! $10 @ Amazon

27 July 2016
Cute Animal Friends Sandwich Cutters

If those sandwiches often come back home at the end of the school day, try something different! These CutezCute Animal Friends Food Cutters and Stamp Kits are just $9.99 at Amazon and you can do a whole bunch of fun things with them.

These animal-shaped food cutters are shipped from and sold by Amazon so there's no need to worry about third-party sellers.

The BPA-free kit is dishwasher-safe (top rack) and comes with pig, panda, cat and frog shapes as well as a frame and and a pick to help remove small pieces from your cut-outs.

Use them to stamp on bread or make full cut-out pieces from cheese, lunch meat, bread, fruit... whatever you can think of! You can even combine smaller cut-outs to create funny faces and add mustaches and beards. Get even more cute ideas (like panda quesadillas!) from the manufacturer's Pinterest board here. You could spend hours and hours with these things and what little one would leave any of their characters behind at lunch? Those picky eaters will eat them all up.

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