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We tried the phone apps with calendars syncing but at the end of the day, (heck, even at the beginning of the day) appointments weren't always syncing, phones weren't charged and pickups and drop offs were sometimes missed.

Enter in, this clever large chalkboard calendar for the entire family. Marketplace Seller Atreus is selling this product for $20 and because the order will be fulfilled by, you'll receive it quite quickly since it won't be shipping from overseas.

Right now we have a large family planning calendar at the front entrance but it's too small to get a good visual on it before heading out the door.

This useful vinyl calendar is 16" x 32" and you apply it like a decal to almost any surface. It has an erasable chalkboard surface that you can use with chalk or chalk markers. (Neon for the win!) This creates a fantastic visual for the entire family so that everyone becomes more organized. (It's like 'Field of Dreams', I think! If you build it, they will come.)

Now you will be able to plan entire family scheduling on one calendar and everyone will know where everyone has to be and at what time! You could purchase two and use one for fitness goals, like they show in the picture.

This would be perfect for use inside of a classroom as well. Students in all grades would enjoy using it.

Shipping is free if your order is over $25, so you may as well top up your order, since otherwise shipping starts at around $4.40. Maybe these Elmer's chalk markers for $8.79 for 4 colours would be a good add on!

(Deal expiry: Unknown)

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