Updated: Sep 21, 2016

$19 For 3 Pairs Of EZLACES No-Tie Shoelaces (Reg. Value $35) & Free Shipping @ WagJag.com

Every Kid Should Have EZLACES! $19

I can personally think of several people that I know who would benefit from these shoelaces that require no tying. Adults with mobility issues such as arthritis and elderly people who have a hard time kneeling down to tie their shoes will be very happy with these. KIDS going back to be school will be happy with these, and so will parents and teachers!

These clever EZLACES no-tie shoelaces have a simple lock and clip tying system where you can more easily slip your feet into your shoes, yet your shoes are still comfortable secured to your feet. You get the correct tension and foot support with these.

It's true that you would also get the correct tension and foot support with regular laces, but I wonder - what percent of people (including kids) walk around with shoes not properly laced and tied?

You can trim these laces to fit any shoe, so one size really will fit all with no loose, dangling laces! These are so much safer for kids. Kids run so fast so when they trip on their laces, the really wipe out hard.

3 pairs of these have a value of $35, but Wagjag is selling them for only $19, which is close to half off! Free shipping is also included in this offer.

There are 6 different sets of 3 colours to choose from. I think it's great how they set up so many different choices.

Colour sets (choose one at checkout):

  • Set 1: Bold Black x 3
  • Set 2: Urban Grey, brilliant white, MIdnight blue
  • Set 3: Bold black, 3D keylime green, atomic orange
  • Set 4: Bold black, brilliant white, pewter
  • Set 5: Pewter, Fire Engine Red, Double Blue
  • Set 6: Brilliant White, Double Blue, Perfectly Pink

Shipping is free!

Thanks to Elena for giving us the heads up on this one!


  • Megan G.

    these shoe laces are a little different from the curly ones but look interesting.

  • Sharon H.

    This is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks Angel.

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