Best Locker Buddy $3.20 With Free Shipping @ Bang Good

Best Locker Buddy $3.20 With Free Ship!

Meet Pete Doorman. He's strong and capable of holding his own and then some. In fact, he is so strong that he will never let you (or your keys) down! Pretty much like the Rick Astley song I guess. Mr. Doorman holds up to 30 keys without losing his hold.

I'm really drawn to the low price, each Pete is only $3.20 CAD (down from $3.68) incl. free shipping. The blue Pete is out of stock, but that's ok, why be blue when you get be not blue? You can choose from black, red, or a lime green.

My daughter just encouraged me to buy several for inside of her locker. This is the perfect back to school locker solution for items you need to quickly find. Lockers can get crammed full with books, binders, coats and backpacks.

My daughter has a plan to use Gorilla Glue to glue a magnet to important things she wants Pete to hold onto (non-metal items.) Obviously the magnet has to be glued on the right way or Pete will just push everything away, and you can tell that he really only wants to hang onto things.

She's currently gluing a magnet onto the back of a school notepad she wants to use in her locker, in preparation of Pete's arrival. She'll have to wait a while, though because Pete has to go on a journey overseas; he will be tired and will have to rest along the way. (Pete departs from a Chinese warehouse and the shipping times are out of their control. With getting through Customs, it can take several weeks.)

You may pay with PayPal if you wish. Shipping is free! Make sure you deselect the automatically checked off insurance that they have set as a default - for an item this small, I'm not too concerned about insurance. Paypal and my credit card might also take care of it for me if this little guy Pete took off somewhere during his journey and found a new home.

(Deal expiry: July 27th, or while quantities last.)


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