Where to Find Baby Milestone Stickers on Sale

Baby Milestone Sticker Sales

These little stickers are taking over Instagram in the cutest way! Baby milestone stickers are an adorable (and easy) way to show off your little one's growth and big moments.

But if you've looked into baby milestone stickers, you know one thing: they can be expensive. Sure, you can make them yourself, or you can find some on sale!

So we put together this list of where to find the best deals on baby milestone stickers and cards in Canada! We'll update it regularly, so you'll always be able to find the latest stickers and sales!

Pearhead Milestone Photo Cards

This is a set of 15 double-sided 4" x 6" cards that can make even the most mundane of baby tasks (like feeding time and diaper changes) extra special!

Pearhead First Year Belly Stickers

Pearhead makes all kinds of milestone stickers, but some of their most popular ones are the First Year Belly Stickers, which let you document each month of that precious first year!

Pink Belly Stickers

  • Price: $6.49 (was $17) – add-on item
  • Sold at: Amazon.ca
  • Number of Cards: 12

Blue Belly Stickers

  • Price: $12.95 (was $17)
  • Sold at: Amazon.ca
  • Number of Cards: 12

Yellow Belly Stickers

  • Price: $ 12.95 (was $17)
  • Sold at: Amazon.ca
  • Number of Cards: 12

Pearhead Baby's First Year Tie Stickers

These are a snazzy little variation to the belly stickers that class your photos up a notch with a new tie your kiddo can wear every month!

  • Price: $ 10 (was $12.96)
  • Sold at: Well.ca
  • Number of Cards: 12

Lucy Darling My 1st Holiday Stickers

This is a really cute idea that I haven't actually seen before! You can use these one-a-month stickers to celebrate all your little one's first holidays and occasions, from Canada Day to Christmas!

  • Price: $ 16 (was $22.96)
  • Sold at: Well.ca
  • Number of Cards: 12

Did we miss any you've seen on sale? Let us know in the comments!

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