Udder Covers Free Breast Feeding Blanket (Just Pay Shipping)

10 June 2009

OK, I’ll admit that I don’t really like the name of this website, but I think they’re a very good idea so I’ll blog about them!! Uddercovers are offering a freebie – a free udder cover for breast feeding mothers. The udder cover is basically a blanket with straps, which you can use to protect your modesty when breast feeding.

You just have to pay shipping. As this is a US based website, prices are shown in US dollars. For Canadian orders, shipping is $8.95 US, which is about $9.92 today.

How to get your freebie:

  • Click here to go to UdderCovers.com
  • Click “shop now” towards the top left
  • Enter either “babies” or “onefree” or "thanks" when it asks for a promo code
  • Add your favorite color to your cart
  • Proceed with checkout

Have you ever seen anyone using one of these?

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  • Emily
    I got one of these before I had my first child (who is now 19 months). I felt like it was brand new at the time, but now everyone I know has one! They are very nice if you are going to breastfeed.
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    Cool! Someone who used one! :)
  • Heather
    This offer was advertised on my mommy board, and then some mommies did "research" and it was announced that this was a scam to get credit card numbers... http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/0/438/RipOff0438930.htm#407763 I don't know how legit it is, but I know that the mommies DID receive the cover, but were nervous about the cc info. Paypal is an option, and I thought that was pretty secure...?? Just to note. :) Love the site, thanks for sharing all the deals! Heather :) PS: I had a nursing cover, not this brand, and its a MUST for modest mommies like me. :)
  • willowsprite
    All the nice colours are gone...:(
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    Thanks for the info heather - reading that thread, there's a big bit at the bottom from the uddercovers owner, stating that someone is bad mouthing him all over.. if anyone is worried, I'd just go with the paypal.
  • Heather
    That's what I was thinking, too. PayPal is pretty secure. Also, you can navigate through the site so that you can choose from the printed covers for your freebie. :) I tried with code onefree.
  • Sarah
    Hey there - I ordered mine and received it today (paid with PayPal) so far so good!

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