Summer Infant My Size Potty $35 Shipped @

7 September 2016
Summer Infant My Size Potty $35

I've seen purple potties, and I have even seen potties that resemble a frog's mouth. Why not get a cute little potty that looks like our own toilet - just smaller? This Summer Infant My Size Potty would look great in any bathroom and your kids will feel all mature and stuff using a potty that looks just like the one mommy and daddy use. has this Summer Infant My Size Potty on sale for 30% off today, so you'll pay just $34.99 including shipping.

The Summer Infant My Size Potty has a realistic design so that it looks and feels just like an adult toilet. After your child has done their stuff, they can flush the handle to hear a flush and giggle sound as a reward for a job well done.

You'll also notice on top that there is a built-in wipe compartment to promote healthy hygiene habits. Also so mom and dad don't forget to bring the wipes into the bathroom, because that can be an uncalled for mess. There is a splash guard on the toilet seat for the boys as well. I can tell you how important that part is! We made the mistake of buying a potty that didn't have that for my son.

This item is shipped and sold by - but here's the catch. It may not ship for 1 to 2 months - so if you have a baby that you haven't started potty training yet, it is time to be an early bird and grab this item while you can.

This same potty sells for $49.97 @ Walmart, $49.99 @ Best Buy, and $49.99 @ Bed Bath & Beyond, so you are definitely getting the best price around. Not to mention - offers free shipping on orders over $25 so you won't encounter any additional shipping or handling fees.

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