Summer Infant Bentwood Bassinet with Motion, $160 Reg. $220 @ Toys R Us

Infant Bassinet with Motion! $160 From $220

Every single mother I know could use one of these and absolutely love it! The fact that this Summer Infant Bentwood Bassinet with Motion has a multi-speed silent sway motion is the selling point for me. I wish I had one of these for myself, can you imagine how relaxing it must feel?

The bassinet is on sale right now for $160 down from a regular price of $220 at Toys R Us.

There's 4 peaceful melodies, 3 calming sounds and soothing vibrations help to lull baby to sleep. If baby has more sleep, your day will just go that.much.better.

You'll save $10 on shipping on this item which will be around $25 so you'll only pay around $15 for delivery then. It's currently available for home delivery only.

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