Mosquito/Insect Stroller Net, $4 @, FREE Ship!

Buzz Off! Stroller Net $4 Free Ship!

Canadian summers denote all kinds of fun in the summer sun. Often at the expense of the insects! It's bad enough as an adult trying to deal with the insects flying around. Imagine what it feels like when you are a small baby. Interestingly enough, most babies don't seem to be overly concerned or afraid of insects. Seems to be a learned behavior after getting bit so many times by mosquitos over the years?

This stroller netting is absolutely perfect to allow your baby or toddler to see out around them when outside in the stroller, but still be protected from the insects that are bound to want to try to feast on your little one.

This item might take a while to ship, so order it now to be prepared in time for when the mosquitos come out in full force.

I was surprised to find out that the cost for this product was very minimal, only $4.19 and includes free shipping! This would be a great product to have around for when you are invited to baby showers... You could wrap your baby shower gift in tissue paper, then surround it with this mesh netting stroller protector, and tie a big bow around the top!

Shipping is free!

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