Folds Flat! guzzie + Guss Rock Baby Bouncer for $65 (From $102) @ Best Buy Canada

Folds Flat! guzzie + Guss Baby Bouncer $65

I admit I thought this odd looking contraption was some sort of a crazy and cool sled for babies when I first saw this online at Best Buy, but it turns out that it's even better! This bouncy/rocker seat for babies allows for three positions—sitting and rocking (all babies seem to love movement), reclining and rocking and stationary (by simply folding the rocker parts and tucking them flat.) It looks like it is nice and gentle on floors, too.

Easy to transport (folds flat!), easy to carry and it's one sharp looking baby accessory to have in your home. You will be happy to know you purchased this guzzie + Guss Rock Baby Bouncer at such a great price. It's only $65 @ Best Buy Canada (you are saving $37! That's 36% Off of the regular price.)

Look no further for a better price, I already shopped around to see if this could be purchased for a lower price, but this looks like the best price available at the moment. The price at comparable retailers was around $120 (, $135 ( and $100 @ Toys R Us.

Shipping is free on this item, but order soon, because the sale ends today.

(Deal expires: May 24, 2016)

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