Baby Banana Bendable Toothbrush for $7.50 Shipped

Most Adorable Toothbrush EVER—$7.50

Getting ready to brush your teeth this morning? Don't forget baby! Even before they have teeth to scrub, infants can start to learn good oral hygiene by gumming away on special, pliable silicone brushes. My kids both had them but nothing quite as hilariously adorable as this Baby Banana Brush! It's only $7.50 and this Amazon seller—Coknokis—is shipping for free.

This bendy brush can go in the freezer so it's nice and cold on those painful gums, but I would advise not using it once your baby has teeth and is able to really chew. Silicone is soft and I'd be concerned about them chewing little bits off. Reviews are mixed on this front, overall positive but as with any infant product, you should inspect it carefully before handing it over to the littles.

My youngest daughter was a big-time drooler and started having symptoms of teething very early, at around 4 months! She never took a pacifier but had her baby brush in her month almost constantly. Hers didn't have handles to grip so I was forever picking it up and washing it off for her. The handles on this thing would have saved me some time, and some back pain!

They do get a gross pretty quickly but here's the best part... dishwasher safe! Happy brushing!

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  • Cat D.

    $9.13 now

    • Bargainmoose

      Hi! I don't know why that is happening, but it is def avail for $7.50 shipped from an Amazon seller called coknokis. It doesn't want to allow me to link directly but I'll update the post to explain how to find it!

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