15 Free Points for Canada Day @ Pampers Canada

15 Free Pampers Rewards Points

Some new Pampers.ca codes have been released for Canada Day - and you can claim 15 free rewards points to add to your collection. If you don't already collect Pampers Gifts To Grow Rewards points, it is never too late to start. Simply enter these three codes and you can claim 15 points to get you started, not to mention other points codes pop up quite frequently.

My toddler has recently become potty trained, so unfortunately I don't get to collect these codes with my diaper purchases anymore. I do, however, still collect these free codes so I can work up to earning a free gift card or something.

Here are the Pampers Gifts To Grow Rewards Points codes that you can redeem right now for free points:

  • FB3DKDBA3A2HA16 - 10 free points
  • TWCA3485NEEM216 - 5 free points

Plus, you'll also get 100 bonus points if you purchase Pampers wipes, Pampers diapers and Pampers Splashers right now. You'll have to redeem all three codes from those products to get your bonus points before July 15th.

(Expiry: Soon)

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