Swoopo Promotion Code: $20 Discount On Your 1st Win!


I've found a Swoopo promotion code for you guys! You can get a $20 discount on your first win there.

  • Coupon Code: PROMOTIONCODE

If you haven't heard of them, Swoopo Canada is a unique auction site. It is a little bit complicated, but I will paste the details from their about us page, to help you understand a bit more about them:

Every day we sell brand new top-name products at incredibly low prices in auctions that start at just $0.12 with no reserve. Take a look at the items we're currently auctioning, and if one takes your fancy, why not buy some bids? They're only $0.65 each.

With each bid placed, the price of the item increases by $0.12. When you bid, we also reset the counter back up to a maximum of 20 seconds - to give someone else the chance to bid too if they're interested. If no-one else bids and the counter reaches zero, congratulations: you've won yourself a bargain on Swoopo!

Sounds tough, but there is the chance of getting some great bargains! I can also see it as being very addictive... just like eBay!

Now, as I have never really used this site, I cannot give a true opinion, not having experienced it. Have you used Swoopo? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.


  • Steven
    Hi Anna, Another neat-o find! I had never heard of this site, and as an avid eBay-er, and born skeptic, I had to do some minimal research. I found the following article, which I thought other BargainMooser's might want to read before bidding: http://technologizer.com/2008/09/17/is-swoopo-nothing-more-than-a-well-designed-gimmick/ Keep up the great work! Thanks again for all the deals!
  • Devils A.
    ***Don't bother trying this out. Anna, please take the time to research the promotions you post to avoid garbage like this. After 10 minutes of googling (something you obviously didn't do), you'll find that Swoopo is a scam. Its is an online auction site yes, but you have to PAY JUST TO BID. If you lose the bid, you lose your money. There are several stories all over the internet of people winning bids, never receiving the product, getting charged on their credit card, and having no communication from the site. Bids can only be bought in bundles with the smallest being 30 ($0.65 x 30 = $19.50) Thats $20 you spend before you even start bidding. Anna, what kinda of "bargain" website is this where you post deals that support scams and awful websites like this? Next time, try not to get a hard on right away when you see "$20 off". You basically announced to anyone who comes onto this website an incentive to go and get scammed. My comment is obviously not as nice and appreciative as Steven's. But I keep it real and this is real bullshit.
  • Anna
    You're entitled to your opinion on this Swoopo promotion code Devils Advocate - but that's exactly what it is - an opinion. If you're not interested in the deals we post here, then just move on....
  • NK
    Do you not realise Devils Advocate, that Bargain Moose is a site with many deals for many places, you may not like this deal posted for Swoopo, others, like myself, might think this is a good deal - and there is no need to be so rude about it. You obviously feel very passionate about Swoopo, and you're entitled to your opinions, but leaving comments like "what kinda “bargain” website is this where you post deals that support scams and awful websites like this? Next time, try not to get a hard on right away when you see “$20 off”. You basically announced to anyone who comes onto this website an incentive to go and get scammed." Is not very pleasant to read, especially when it’s clear that time and effort have been put into this website, for morons like you to come and corrupt, and degrade with horrible comments saying that Bargain Moose “supports scams” Anna clearly stated what Swoopo is about, the fact that you have to pay to bid, and that you may not win. She also stated that she has not used the site, and would like comments from people who have. By the looks of things you haven’t used Swoopo, but you have already made your mind up about it… I’m sure other people would like to do the same without brainless idiots telling them otherwise.
  • Steven
    Hi Anna, First I would like to say -- I think your blog brings a valuable service to your followers, and given the amount of information you must receive and relay, there is no way that you could possibly list any bargain, offer, sweepstakes, coupon, or freebie without the age-old caveat, which is "Caveat emptor" (Latin for Buyer Beware). Be that as it may, and now that I have had a chance to see "Devils Advocate's" comment, it prompted me to do some additional "digging" on Swoopo. Here's what I found, which in my humble opinion denotes something "fishy" about Swoopo: 1) There is no telephone number to use to contact Swoopo anywhere on the website (I really searched) 2)The address listed for Swoopo is 1500 - 701 Georgia St W, Vancouver, BC - With a Google search, and Canada Post, I found that this same address (including "Suite 1500") is used by multiple businesses. This leads me to believe that the address is a "Post Office Box"-type address -- and the Postal Code "V7Y 1C6 " listed on Swoopo's website does not match the actual postal code for that address, which should be V7Y 1K8 according to Canada Post. A reverse search of V7Y 1C6 lists PO Boxes at Pacific Centre in Vancouver. 3) I ran a search on the website owner at (http://domains.whois.com). This method will sometimes give you good information about the legitimacy of a site, although often the registered owner of a website domain is the Registrar, and not the actual owner/company - however, in this case the registered owner of the Swoopo.ca domain is someone named Stuart Hoegner, who, after searching his name on Google, turns out to be a lawyer and accountant specializing in Gaming Law in Toronto, Ontario (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/stuart-hoegner/5/769/bb6) -- operative word being "Gaming". See whois.com details below: Domain name: swoopo.ca Domain status: EXIST Domain number: 2450034 Approval date: 2008/08/28 Renewal date: 2010/08/28 Updated date: 2009/02/24 Registrar: Name: Webnames.ca Inc. Number: 70 Registrant: Name: Stuart Hoegner Number: 2685567 Administrative contact: Name: Stuart Hoegner Job Title: Postal address: 3329A Yonge St Toronto ON M4N 2L9 Canada Phone: 1 416 5450001 Fax: 1 416 5451233 Email: Technical contact: Name: netplace Telematic Hostmaster Job Title: Postal address: netplace Telematic GmbH Marsstr. 26 Muenchen 80335 Germany Phone: 011 49 89 5518050 Fax: 011 49 89 55180524 Email: Name servers: ns.netplace.de ns.netplace.com nsd.netplace.com % WHOIS look-up made at 2009-08-05 01:24:15 (GMT) % % Use of CIRA's WHOIS service is governed by the Terms of Use in its Legal % Notice, available at http://www.cira.ca/legal-notice/?lang=en
  • Anna
    Thanks for pointing out some facts to consider Steven.

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