Swoopo Canada Promotion Code: Get 3 Free Bids!!!


If you are planning on making a few bids on the reverse auctions on Swoopo Canada, you might be interested to see this promotion code to get you a few freebies.

Click here to use the Swoopo Canada promotion code online

  • Promotion Code: freebids0315
  • Discount: 3 free bids
  • Rules: New customers only
  • Expires: 30th November 2009

In my last post about Swoopo Canada, someone expressed concern over the legitimacy of Swoopo. There are some interesting viewpoints in there if you want to give it a read.

But I think this new promotion code is really handy - with the 3 free bids for new customers, you can give the Swoopo service a try without actually risking anything. If you win a reverse auction using one of your 3 free bids, then you have probably scored an excellent bargain anyway.

Have you tried Swoopo.ca yet? How did you get on? Please share your review in the comments below - thanks!

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