Save On International Shipping & Brokerage Fees When Shopping At US Retailers

Anyone who lives near the US border probably makes frequent shopping trips to the States for cheaper products or a different selection of products and stores. Sometimes you find the perfect item online only to find out that it can't be shipped to Canada or will cost you too much in international shipping rates - that's where can help. allows Canadians to use Kinek points, located at border locations across Canada, as their own delivery address.

When your package arrives at one of the Kinek border locations, you'll be contacted by instant message or an email letting you know your parcel is ready to be picked up. You'll then have 30 days to drive down, pick up your package, and bring it back across the border yourself. Kinek does not collect duties and taxes; you will have to pay taxes and possibly duty, depending on your item, when you cross back into Canada.

If you live near the border and often shop online for US retailers, this is one service that you might want to check out.

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