Blurb Canada Coupon Codes: 15% To 35% Off Your Purchase


Blurb has three coupon codes right now that will save you 15% all the way up to 30% depending on the size of your order.

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  • Coupon Code: MAYDAYS
  • Discount: 15% off
  • Coupon Code: MAYDEAL
  • Discount: 25% off $100
  • Coupon Code: BIGDEAL
  • Discount: 35% off $300
  • Expiry: 26th May 2014

Coupons only valid on physical books.

There is a maximum discount of $100 on the first coupon code, which has no minimum requirement. For the 25% off and 35% off coupons, you can get a maximum discount of $150 per coupon. That means your order total for the 35% off coupon can be $428 to come just under the maximum discount of $150. For $428 worth of goods, you would only pay $278.20. If you are a small business or you are planning a large family reunion, a wedding, or anything else - these coupons can be very useful.

My mother is currently going through - I estimate thousands - of pictures in my parent's basement both from their childhood, and from my mother's family. She is hoping to sort out all the pictures she wishes to preserve and then we will see about creating a book for her.

Your shipping amount will all depend on what products you order and how many.

Always check the Blurb page in the forum for coupon codes before you shop.

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