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Hasbro Pie Face Game Now $12 for Amazon Prime Members @ Amazon.ca

Hasbro Pie Face, $12

Today is Amazon Prime Day! You will definitely want to check out our live blog where we will be featuring all of the best Prime Day deals and sales today. This deal in particular is pretty fabulous. I wanted to introduce you to a little game which is incredibly popular – PIE FACE! Right now you can buy it on Amazon.ca for 40% off if you have an Amazon Prime membership - now $11.99!

The game involves you putting your face in the slot, and turning the handles. There's a little cream pie which goes on the throwing arm, and every time you turn the handles, there's a chance you will get splatted in the face with the pie. I will link up to the Youtube video below – this looks amazing! The kids would absolutely love it!

Here's how it goes:

Wow! Plus, Amazon Prime members even get totally free shipping which is always a bonus.

(Expires: 12th July 2016)

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