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Perfect Leather Tote Bag for 76% Off

I couldn't live without my basic carry-all leather tote bag. I have two actually, both from the same label, one for spring/summer in a light shade of buttery soft tan leather and one of fall/winter in a darker shade.

The Kattee Lovely Ladies Leather Tote is not the same brand as mine, but similar in size and style, and while I paid well over $200 for each of my perfect bags (no regrets!) this one is on sale today for just $61.59, a full 76% off the regular price. And it ships for free.

I have had both of my bags for years and have used them for everything from diapers and baby bottles to laptops and magazines. There is no item more important in a well-rounded and accessorized wardrobe than a simple, solid, leather tote. It is also one of my tried and true gift-ideas for the women in my life—maybe mom?

This is a lightning deal on today and we know they can sell out quickly. If you're on the hunt for a great go-to tote bag, take a look. And don't forget, this qualifies for free shipping.

What is the item in your wardrobe that you simply cannot live without?

(Expires April 11, 2016)

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