Panasonic Eneloop Charger Kit & Free Ship, $30 @ Dell Canada

Eneloop Charger Kit, $30 @

Eventually this summer, you'll find yourself running around looking for batteries with the kids, for the Xbox wireless controllers. I'm sure there are other reasons to use AA batteries, (cameras I suppose) but for the most part, we probably should have bought stocks in batteries for the amount of batteries that we went through over the years for our Xbox controllers.

Eventually though, we converted to these Eneloops, which is why I'm happy to tell you they are on sale for $10 off of the regular price, which is a 25% savings. The sale price is $30 and you get free shipping as usual with Dell Canada. The Panasonic Eneloop Charger Kit includes the charger and 4xAA and 2xAAA Advanced Rechargeable Batteries.

I know from experience how great these Eneloops work. These Eneloops arrive pre charged so you can use them right away! There's no 'memory effect', so you can charge whenever you like, whether partially or fully drained of power.

They hold up to 70% of the charge after 5 years of non-use. I can barely wrap my head around that fact, it's amazing. This means you can always have batteries ready and waiting for you.

The amount of 'juice' in them is splendid, they have a long lasting life in between charges, such as within an Xbox controller.

These NiMH batteries are also more environmentally friendly than traditional alkalines, and they are recyclable as well. Did you know you can recharge these up to 2100 times?!?

Shipping is free!

(Deal expiry: Unknown)


  • alexcantin

    If you need more, go straight to and search for eneloop... 

    57$ for 16AA,  39$ for 12 AAA, or a great mix of 10AA, 4 AAA and a charger for 57$.

  • alexcantin

    Costco dropped their price today - Cybermonday up to December 11st.

    AAAx12 = 29,99$
    AAx16 = 44,99$

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