Hide & Seek Alarm Clock - Never Sleep In Again, Now $15 @ Amazon.ca

Hide & Seek Alarm Clock $15 @ Amazon

Never sleep in again! Introducing the Newlemo Cute Alarm Clock that plays Hide & Seek, on wheels. It is on sale at Amazon.ca right now for $14.99 which is 40% off the original price. The kids won't be late for school ever again - and neither will you.

So here's what happens. Say goodbye to your trusty snooze button. At 7:05 AM when your alarm goes off, this thing springs into motion and jumps off your dresser. The little wheels help the creative clock to play hide and seek - so you literally have to get out of bed and find the darn thing before turning it off. By that point, you're awake enough that you don't just fall back into a snooze-coma.

Amazon Prime members will enjoy free shipping. Otherwise you'll need to spend $25 or more to have shipping and handling included in the price.


  • Cort W.

    where to buy?

  • Mamamassey

    $25 on Amazon and I'm a Prime member.  How do I get it for $15?

  • youngmc

    Can't find it for $15 either.

    • CuteSavings

      Hi there!

      Sorry - this awesome clock seems to have sold out at that price! We will keep our eyes peeled for it to go back on sale. 

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