Black & Decker Cordless Screwdriver Under $10 @

You Need This Black & Decker Gadget, $9.59

I'm a bit of a nerd. I love all things computer and electronically related and I got sort of excited about this Black & Decker Cordless screwdriver when I saw it at First, it's under $10, at $9.59. Secondly, you're saving $12.05.

You've probably put together book shelves, desks, and file cabinets, too. I don't usually bother to lug out the big power tools when I assemble these things. Usually the 'rechargeable' power drill isn't charged up but worse yet, I'm scared of the (potential) spiders in the tool boxes.

It probably doesn't help that we have a garden orb spider that makes it's presence known annually in his or her place in the garage. How would I know if it suddenly ran into the tool box, right when I need the power drill? Spiders DO run. I would know, I've seen it happen before.

Anyway - I hate putting together a piece of furniture, only to find it so hard to manually tighten up properly all of the screws without hurting my hands in the process.

Having a cordless screwdriver would help immensely, for so many projects around the home.

I love that you can throw this screwdriver inside of a kitchen drawer or hang it up with the handy built in hole to hang it on a peg in the garage. I, of course, would hang it inside the house. Ha!

Shipping is free when orders are over $25, or is around $5 for the drill without the bits, or $6 or so for the drill with the bits if the $25 threshold for free shipping isn't met. If you're an Amazon Prime member, shipping is free on eligible products.

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