Krispy Creme Donuts: Buy A Dozen Get A Dozen

Crispy Creme Donuts Buy A Dozen Get A Dozen copy

From now till Valentine’s day, when you buy a dozen donuts, Krispy Creme Will give you a dozen Valentine cards. The delicious part: the free donut coupon on the back of the card!

What a sweet gift for loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Of course, you could also give yourself some extra love and keep a few coupons to yourself. The dozen you buy can be of any variety as with the free donut you get from the coupon.  Mmm, triple chocolate donut.

Thanks Catherine for a heads up on this delicious deal!


  • moi
    WHOOOOOOP~!!! Great promo for sure..yummmmmmm!'s KRISPY Kremes, not CRISPY....LOL~! although the outer glazed donuts are kinda 'crispy'......hehehee;)
    • Jeremie
      I have a trick to get always 2 for 1 dozens : Buy on ebay a KK raising card for about 12$ (plus Ship.), In normal they came from USA but those cards work in Canada (I bought one and I wrote to an KK manager to know if that work over here) the card look like this :
  • Stacey
    Be sure to check the list.... because from what I've seen, the locations in Canada have Valentine's donuts but not the Valentine's day cards.
  • Darlene J.
    In looking at your link, it appears the stores participating on the list are located only in the USA. Just thought I'd pass this on since your site states "BargainMoose - Canadian Deals, Freebies & Coupons! " Keep the great deals coming! Thanks.
  • Tammy
    I just got some from the Krispy Kreme in Delta, BC but the expiry on the back is from 2009 so I don't know if they will be valid. Will try to find out today.

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