Travel Deals @ Gap Adventures Canada


So it's getting hotter and hotter, and I can't stop thinking about vacations. I haven't booked anything yet, but I know I want to get away somewhere for at least a week. I got the email newsletter from Gap Adventures today, and the exciting locations it shows have really made my feet itchy!

If you're seriously thinking of booking with them, I recommend signing up to their monthly newsletter.

This month, here are the deals of note:

Out of all of those locations, I think Galapagos would be my first choice. I've already been to Greece, Japan isn't a great idea just now because of all their troubles, I know nothing about Borneo!

I often browse the site at Gap Adventures and pine for the exotic looking locations they show. I want to drink a Pina Colada while in the Philippines , I'd like to mull over a Manhattan cocktail while on the Med, and I'd even be happy to sip some Sangria in the South of France.

What do you think?

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