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11 February 2014


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I've been in a few limos in my life. Three limos to be exact. Well, 3 1/2. My first limo experience was when I won it in middle school. I think I won it for selling the most wrapping paper, cookies, chocolate bars or whatever other thing the school board had me hoking to Mom's friends. We got to go to McDonald's on our lunch break. It was great. The second time was at prom and they had some ridiculous red carpet, Hollywood, night-at-the-Oscars theme so we walked to the end of the bus slips and they limo'd us from there to the door of the school. Kind of lame but being in a limo, even if it's just for 45 seconds, is cool. The last time-and-a-half was when I went from Pearson airport in Toronto to my hotel downtown. The half time wasn't a limo but it wasn't a taxi. It was an "executive taxi" and we took it back to the airport from our hotel a few days later. That was pretty awesome too.

Notice a thread here? The first time was great, the second time was cool and the third-and-a-half time was awesome. Being in a limo is great. It can be a stretch limo like you might stick a bunch of middle school kids in to go to McD's or High School kids to go to their prom. It might be a really nice luxury car or SUV with a uniformed driver that treats you great.

Whatever a limo is for you, makes it easy to get one. You just stick your info in to and it gives you options for a bunch of different car services. The rices are pre-negotiated and includes any tip. With our coupon code you can save $10 on airport trips and make your limo ride a bit more affordable!

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