KidsEmbrace Character Booster Seats $179.99 @

Character Booster Seats $179.99

Okay. These Booster Seats are just the best. I had to grab two for my kiddo - one for my car, and one for my hubby's car. The KidsEmbrace Booster Seats come in so many cool characters - from Batman to Cinderella... you name it!

Today only, they are on sale for $179.99 down from $239.

Here are some of the character KidsEmbrace Booster Seats available:

As usual, get free shipping on orders over $25 so all of these KidsEmbrace Booster Seats will be delivered at your door at no extra cost.


  • Faith E.

    I want one for Brendon :heart_eyes:

  • Matthew W.

    I seen them 230 at Walmart

  • Matthew W.

    Sadie wanted one for awhile

  • April S.

    Oh my goodness raiden would love one lol

  • AdamandChelsie G.

    Lol I thought of him as soon as I saw it lol

  • Cassandra H.

    I wanted a Mickey one for Anthony but I wasn't willing to spend more then I need to lol

  • Alyssa M.

    Ummmmmm what he needs it :sweat_smile::information_desk_person_tone2:

  • Brittany P.

    Awesome! My kids would love these

  • Marika L.

    Omggggg !!!!! Moi si je capote ben red ! Un shase et une stella :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Christena U.

    Thought it might amuse you :p

  • Amber J.

    I know i sent I picture to ross! Too bad we just bought her one less than a year ago!

  • Celeste N.

    Darcy and I need to get some pasta bowl booster seats :joy::joy:

  • Elizabeth K.

    Too cute arent they!!!

  • Porsha A.

    Oh my god, Jace wouldn't argue w me to get in the car if I had this!

  • AT A.

    I know exactly my thought too lol

  • Hayley O.


  • Colleen B.

    I'd say he would like these though

  • Nancy C.

    Hein sont dont ben beaux!!:scream:

  • Ju N.

    Haha :heart_eyes: je lui montre pas sinon sa va me couter cher

  • Francine F.

    Wow faut accheter ca pour Spencer il aimerais ca

  • Jessica L.


  • Chey R.


  • Cassandra C.

    Omg il serais BIN trop heureux hahahaha

  • GeorGina R.

    they are cool but too exspensive for my taste

  • Katrina M.

    how nuts would Jayden go lol.

  • Keyrsten D.

    That's just a waste of money lol he's car seat is fine

  • Kym D.

    you are NO FUN...besides it is a booster seat, after the car seat...sheesh!!! Grandma may have to find one. :rolling_eyes:

  • Vanessa G.

    I want it for hunter !

  • Chelsey W.

    I would love to have that for Xavier and a Skye one for paisley! Where would I get those? Too bad I just bough new car seats for them

  • Rhonda B.

    amazon has Marshall and Skye

  • Chelsey W.

    That would be awesome but I just bought brand new ones for them

  • Melanie L.

    Omg cool

  • Alyssa-Jade P.

    oh lord Oliver would flip

    • Phyllis S.

      Sammy tried to get 1 a few months back but was unable to find them!

  • Amanda M.

    Jase would love this

  • Donna D.

    They have it in smyths two

  • Catherine O.

    It's beautiful he love it

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