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In the last email from Toys R Us Canada, I spotted quite a few offers worth writing about.

40% off infant swaddling wraps - For my little baby girl, the only way she was able to get to sleep soundly at night was to swaddle her up tight. Now she has got very used to it, and won't go to sleep any other way. It was probably a bad habit to get into, but we'll just have to deal with it now. We don't use these special swaddling blankets though, but I am contemplating getting one. What do you think of them? Have you used them?

Half price toys - 50% off Spiral Train Set, 50% off Quick Switch Microscope & Folding Telescope, 50% off Mix & Match Fridge Farm. I've never had a train set! Or a microscope! Want!

40% sales - select Playmobil sets, Remote Control Vehicles, Mega Bloks toys. I really like the remote control vehicles, like the air hogs glow in the dark rally cars.

Pampers Dry Max Diapers for $9.97 - pretty decent price for the diapers (you can never have enough of these)!

Star Wars figures - 2 for $10 - There are 21 different figures to choose from there. Yoda there is.

Pre-school toys - 30% off ALL $24.99 & under Little People Playsets & Vehicles, 30% off ALL Bruin Infant Toys, 25% off ALL Baby Einstein Toys. I really like these stacking cups - I am a firm believer that the simplest toys are the most fun for little ones. I could get the pink ones for my baby!

Up to 25% off select Lego sets -  I LOVE LEGO. I could play with it for hours. Next month, it is my 7 year old nephew's 8th birthday - and he is definitely going to get a TON of Lego. For his enjoyment of course, not just mine.

If you want to make a larger order, make your order up to $100 and you will get free shipping - nice.

There really are loads of deals this week, definitely worth a browse round TRU Canada.


  • Jennifer
    The swaddling blankets (kiddopotamus) were great when our son was little - but around 1.5 months or so he was able to get out of them (they close with velcro). They are great for newborns though!!
  • jenn
    We used this brand with our son and it was great for him. He lasted till approx 6 months then was able to wiggle out an arm and get out of them. By that time he was just trying to get his thumb in his mouth and was able to soothe himself to sleep. Since then we are using sleep sacs. I wouldn't go without them.
  • Tara
    The velcro swaddling blankets are the best - my 4 month old daughter is still in them and I picked up 2 more at Toys R Us yesterday - they work much better than a regular blanket and I find safer too. With my eldest the blanket would sometimes ride over her head from so much wriggling - these don't budge!
  • Allison
    I could not have survived w/o my Miracle Swaddle blanket!!! A definite must, in my books! It's my default shower gift for new moms! (
  • angela
    I swaddled my little boy - I used a couple brands including Kiddopotamus. Don't worry, as they grow and discover their hands, you'll find that they will wriggle out of the swaddle wraps. You can still use then but leave an arm or two out and then they'll discover the power of their feet and kick their way out. Then you can move on to one of those sleeping sacs!
  • Lisa
    I also use the Kiddopotamus wraps and I swear by them! We got the first as a gift and had to buy the larger size because they work so well!

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