PleaseMum Coupon Codes For Mega Discounts!

15 September 2009


There are so many promos on at PleaseMum right now, I was a bit confused! Percentage discounts here… dollar discounts there… I thought I would sort them into one single post.

First of all, there is FREE SHIPPING across the Please Mum online store - that's what I like to hear!

Secondly, if you add more than $75 worth of back-to-school merchandise to your cart, you get an automatic 15% discount (It shows as coupon code 15OFFEVENT).

Thirdly,  if you add more than $125 worth of back-to-school merchandise to your cart, you get an automatic 30% discount (It shows as coupon code 30OFFEVENT).

Fourthly, you can get a $10 discount on your spend of $60 or more with PleaseMum coupon code GET10EXTRA.

Additionally, there is an automatic $5 discount on all deep winter overalls, and a $10 discount on all winter parkas.

Here's the juicy part - these PleaseMum promotions are stackable! They all work on top of each other! For example, if you are buying $75 worth of back to school stuff, you'll get the 15% discount, plus you can then add the $10 discount coupon too!

Thanks to Cheryl for the email!


  • Joy
    Thanks for the heads-up! Any deal is great with kids who always outgrow their clothes. There are a few things about the sale. The 15% and 30% don't stack. Once you reach the $125 it bumps from 15 to 30. Also you can't get any of the discounts (except free shipping) if you are purchasing any winter coats (which is what I was really wanting)! I have never ordered online with PleaseMum before tonight but was happy to find you can return things to any store for free and if you are a first time orderer they give you a free return by mail.
  • Joy
    I got my order today. When i placed it I couldn't remember which store here was Please Mum. I confused it with Bonnie Togs. I'm not that impressed with the quality of their items. BUT, for the price I got the items for it wasn't a bad deal. There are a few items i have to return so we'll see how the process goes!!

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