Please Mum Canada: Kids Sleepwear $4.95 (Save up to 90%)

17 July 2014


Please Mum Canada has a huge sale on right now with their entire store up to 90% off the regular prices.  My kids go through pajamas like crazy so I wanted to check those deals out first.  They have all of their sleepwear on sale for as low as just $4.95 for boys and girls.

In the sleepwear section, you will find all sorts of deals up to 90% off the regular prices.  There were a few items that really stuck out to me because my kids love anything glow in the dark.

I found these awesome glow in the dark hockey pajamas that were $18.95 and are now just $4.95.  They would go great with these bottoms that are glow in the dark Dinosaurs that were $19.95 and are now just $4.95.  That means, instead of paying the full price of $38.90 for this set, it would be just $9.90.

If you are looking for a girl, they have some great deals and glow in the dark as well! How adorable is this Caution Angel Sleeping pajama top that was $18.95 and is now just $4.95.  I would pair it with these glow in the dark heart bottoms that were $19.95 and are now just $4.95. Since they are the same price as the boys deals above, you will save the same amount, which is great!

Don't forget to complete the pajama look with an awesome kids robe.  They have robes for both boys and girls that match the cool pajamas.  I love this blue robe that was $39.95 and is now on sale for just $9.95. At this price, I could grab one for each of my boys for a total of less than $20.  You just cant beat that deal!

You will notice that items are selling out quick with this sale but that that is bound to happen when you have deals this great.  Also, there is no telling when this sale will end so your best bet is to snap up any deals that you want while you have the chance.

Now all of these deals can be even sweeter depending on how much you spend.  If you are spending $75 or more, you can use the Please Mum coupon ADD20 to save an additional 20% on your entire purchase.  Additionally, you will also get free shipping when you reach that amount!

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  • Melanie
    They had such a great sale because they went bankrupt! I bought $80 worth of clothes that will never come that I ordered on July 18th. How many others did this happen to I wonder?
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      No way, I didn't even realise the site was down!!!
  • Loser T.
    I too bought into this great deal and totally forgot that i ordered it. Just googled it today to find to find out they went bankrupt. Luckily i only lost $50 I did receive a Notice Of Bankruptcy fromMNP Ltd last month regarding some company from Vancouver, BC. I had no idea what that was, now i do :(
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    Yep, they've totally gone. I've gotten some excellent kid's clothing from them over the years, I am really disappointed.

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