Please Mum Canada: Discount Coupons For Kids Clothes

4 December 2008

If you’re planning on spending a few dollars on kids clothing for Christmas, here are some great coupon codes which you can use online @


Coupon Code:



25% off $150+


Coupon Code:



20% off $125+


Coupon Code:



15% off $75+


I have no idea on the expiry of any of these coupon codes. It does say “limited time” on the website, but I really don’t know how long they mean!

I was searching for some baby clothing for a friend, and spotted the promo codes on their front page. There is also the option to have your children’s clothing wrapped in a “Bucky Bag”... whatever that is?! It looks like nice gift wrapping. It appears to cost $3.50, which isn’t too bad.

You get free Canadian shipping on a $100 spend, otherwise it’s a flat rate of only $5.95. Good opportunity for some clothing bargains!



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